Cone 04 Clay and Glaze

1 Four plates, ram-pressed earthenware, various glazes, including Wood Ash Base with 6% MS 6600 Best Black. 2 Platters, various glazes including Wood Ash Base plus 6% MS 6600 Best Black and Wood Ash Base plus 2% copper carbonate.


3 Pitcher, various glazes including JGS glaze plus 0.5% chrome oxide over Low-Temperature White Slip next to Tan Terra Sigillata plus 0.5% yellow ochre. 4 Surface detail showing JGS glaze plus 1% chrome oxide next to Newman Red Terra Sigillata sprayed over Low-Temperature White Slip plus 3% lithium carbonate. The terra sigillata was sprayed on while the slip was still wet. All pieces were fired to cone 04.


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