Quick Tip: Price Markers

When my work is out for sale, I like to display my prices in plain sight. This shows respect for my customers, by not making them work hard to find this information. Here’s an artistic way to do it, that doesn’t interfere with the aesthetics of the pots or the display. I made and fired small ceramic nuggets, with an angled top that faces toward the customer. They are coated in a glossy glaze, and can be written on with a dry-erase pen or a permanent marker. Dry-erase pens make it easy to change what’s written on them. Permanent marker can’t be smudged by customers, but can still be erased when needed with a little effort—simply scribble over permanent ink with a dry erase pen, then wipe the surface clean. The nuggets are also windproof when my sale display is outside. I get many compliments on them for being attractive, but I suspect customers are also happy to not have to wonder or ask about my prices.


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