Exposure: September 2019


at Craft Centre and Design Gallery Leeds (www.craftcentreleeds.co.uk) in Leeds, UK, through September 28.

1 Pippa Barrow’s Scotty, 11 in. (28 cm) in length, black stoneware, partially glazed, fired to 2264°F (1240°C), 2019.

2 Joanna Osborne’s Standing Hound, 9 in. (23 cm) in height, earthenware, fired to 2156°F (1180°C), 2019.

Featured Artists Mike Helke and Suze Lindsay

at Red Lodge Clay Center (www.redlodgeclaycenter.com) in Red Lodge, Montana, September 6–29.

1 Mike Helke’s teapot, stoneware, 2019.

2 Suze Lindsay’s footed bouquet vase, 13 in. (33 cm) in height, stoneware, slip, glazes, salt fired.

Full of Appetite: Lisa Orr and gwendolyn yoppolo

at Saratoga Clay Arts Center (www.saratogaclayarts.org) in Schuylerville, New York, through September 21.

1 gwendolyn yoppolo’s cup and saucer, 9 in. (23 cm) in width, cone 6 matte crystalline glazed porcelain, 2018.

Matthew Hyleck

at In Tandem Gallery (www.intandemgallery.com) in Bakersville, North Carolina, through September 15.

1 Matthew Hyleck’s three plates stacked, 10 in. (25 cm) in diameter, wheel-thrown stoneware, shino glaze, gas fired to cone 10 in reduction. Photo: Silvia Palmer.

At the Modern Dining Table: Ceramics of the Weimar Republic

at Ariana Museum (http://institutions.ville-geneve.ch/fr/ariana) in Geneva, Switzerland, through September 8.

1 Theodor Paetsch’s plate, 11½ in. (29 cm) in diameter, molded earthenware, airbrushed decoration, 1930. Courtesy of the Collection of Natalie Mouriquand. Photo: Nathalie Mouriquand.

Pitcher Perfect

at Good Earth Pottery (www.goodearthpots.com) in Bellingham, Washington, September 1–30.

1 Simon Levin’s pitcher, 9½ in. (24 cm) in height, wood-fired stoneware, 2019. Photo: Ann Marie Cooper.

American Pottery Festival

at Northern Clay Center (www.northernclaycenter.org/apf) in Minneapolis, Minnesota, September 6–8. 1-6 Photos: Peter Lee.

1 Joanna Powell’s Fruit Cup.

2 Kurt Brian Webb’s Bats and People Pollinating Endangered Saguaro Cacti.

3 Betsy Williams’ vase.

4 Liz Pechacek’s Abstract Shape Tumblers.

5 Brad Schwieger’s basket.

6 Jan McKeachie Johnston’s Pussy Vase.

Vessel/Sculpture 3: German and International Ceramics Since 1946

at Grassi Museum (www.grassimuseum.de) in Leipzig, Germany, through October 13.

1 Ursula Morley-Price’s vessel with lamellae, 4 in. (10 cm) in diameter, handbuilt stoneware, matte glaze, 1980. Donated by the A. and G. Schütte Collections.

2 Beate Kuhn’s Stringing, 11 3/4 in. (30 cm) in width, wheel-thrown stoneware, assembled, glazed, 1973. Courtesy of the Dr. G Hofmann Foundation.

3 Otto Meier’s vase, 5 3/4 in. (15 cm) in height, wheel-thrown and altered porcelain, glazes, 1985. Donated by the A. and H. Nelius Collection.

4 Bo Kristiansen’s lidded jar, compressed, spherical ceramic, 1980. Donated by the G. and K. Bruch Collection.

5 Klaus Schultze’s O.T., 13½ in. (35 cm) in width, handbuilt earthenware, engobes, glazes, 1999.

6 Werner Bünck’s vessel, 15½ in. (40 cm) in height, wheel-thrown and altered grogged stoneware, 2010.

Cabinet of Exquisite Bodies

at Ariana Museum (http://institutions.ville-geneve.ch/fr/ariana) in Geneva, Switzerland, through September 8.

1 Paul Scott’s Scott’s Cumbrian Blue(s) Leibstadt, Langenthal porcelain, blue underglaze, decals, gold luster, 2012. Photo: Mauro Magliani and Barbara Piovan.

2 Nuria Torres Dominguez’ Louise con Mascara Agrietada, press-molded porcelain, slip-cast colored porcelain, enamel, elastic, wooden base, 2017. Photo: Nicolas Lieber. Ariana Museum Collection, Geneva Purchase.

Legacy: Selections from the Gillett G. Griffin Collection

at Princeton University Art Museum (https://artmuseum.princeton.edu) in Princeton, New Jersey, through October 6.

1 Bowl, Anatolian, Haçilar, Chalcolithic period, ceramic, 6th millennium BCE.

2 Moon goddess and rabbit, Maya, Jaina Island or vicinity, Campeche, Mexico, ceramic, red and Maya blue pigment, 600–800 CE.

39 Concurs Internacional de Ceràmica de l’Alcora (CICA) 2019

at Museum of Ceramics (Alcora) (www.museulalcora.es) in L’Alcora, Castelló, Spain, through September 15.

1 Phyllis Kudder Sullivan’s Vortex with Gold Line No. 17, 17 in. (43 cm) in width, interlaced stoneware coils, fired to cone 8 in an electric kiln, secondary pit firing with sawdust, gold leaf, 2018. Photo: Joseph D. Sullivan.

2 Velimir Vukićević’s Rainy Day, 15¾ in. (40 cm) in width, porcelain, engobe, enamels, decals.

3 Corrie Bain’s Blue Cycas Llamelae, 6 in. (15 cm) in height, blue porcelain.


at Clay Center of New Orleans (www.nolaclay.org) in New Orleans, Louisiana, September 6–28.

1 Becca Dilldine’s trinket box, 5¾ in. (15 cm) in height, wheel-thrown and altered terra cotta, slip, underglaze, fired to cone 3 in an electric kiln, 2019.

The Emotional Animal

at Clay Art Center (www.clayartcenter.org) in Port Chester, New York, through September 14.

1 Ariel Bowman’s This Thing All Things Devours, 16 in. (41 cm) in length, ceramic, mixed media, 2019.

2 Claudia Olds Goldie’s Skin Deep, 14 in. (36 cm) in height, ceramic, 2016.

Inurn We Trust: Mortal Vessels of the 21st Century

at 3S Artspace (www.3sarts.org) in Portsmouth, New Hampshire, through September 22.

1 Auguste Elder’s Canopic Urn: To/Fro, 20 in. (51 cm) in height, wood-fired stoneware, fired to cone 12 in reduction, 2018.

Juried National V

at Red Lodge Clay Center (www.redlodgeclaycenter.com) in Red Lodge, Montana, September 6–29.

1 Lauren Clay’s Grass is Greener Cylinder, 6 in. (15 cm) in height, porcelain, Mason stains, 2018.

2 Sean Scott’s Persistence Tea Set, 14 in. (36 cm) in length, handbuilt stoneware, glaze, fired to cone 5, 2019.

3 Vince Palacios’ Diatom Bowl Series, 17 in. (43 cm) in width, clay, slip, various glazes, multiple firings, 2019.

4 Justin Donofrio’s Tidal Gradient Jar, 9 in. (23 cm) in height, colored porcelain, glaze, fired in oxidation to cone 8, 2019.

Miquel Barceló

at The International Museum of Ceramics in Faenza (www.micfaenza.org) in Faenza, Italy, through October 6.

1 Miquel Barceló’s Jo submarinista, 17¾ in. (45 cm) in height, earthenware, 2011. Photo: Agustí Torres.


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