2021 Emerging Artist: Sunbin Lim

Sunbin Lim, Wiesbaden, Germany

Ceramics Monthly: What techniques do you use to make your work and why?

Sunbin Lim: I make my work through coiling techniques because I prefer to construct my work slowly. The pace of coil building provides me a sense of calm. Working slowly to build with coils grants a sensitivity to the touch and plasticity of clay. I leave the natural textures and traces of time created by my hands during the process to produce a beauty that is not perfect.

1 Night Table, 21 in. (53 cm) in height, handbuilt stoneware, 2282°F (1250°C) in oxidation, 2020.

CM: How you come up with the forms and surfaces that are prevalent in your work?

SL: I get a lot of inspiration from old ruins or destroyed architecture and from nature (like the texture of trees). The architecture of my hometown (Cheorwon, South Korea), which was destroyed during the Korean War, the traces of old ancient ruins (for example, the remains of ancient Rome and the Moroccan clay castles), and the forests of Germany all inspire me. Additionally, I have studied old furniture displayed in museums, which also affects and influences my work. In viewing these sorts of relics, I feel an incomplete beauty and also find interest in their internal structure and space, surface textures, and color. My reinterpretations of interesting objects in clay draw upon the above-mentioned elements.

2 Rotten Sofas, 16 in. (41 cm) in height, handbuilt stoneware, 2282°F (1250°C) in oxidation, 2019.

CM: What do you think is the role of a maker within our current culture and how do you think you contribute to it?

SL: I think that makers enrich the world through what they create. Makers impress people who view their work or witness their practice and enrich their minds. As artists, we further cultural development and exchange between countries. I present and exhibit my works internationally and think that, through my participation in these shows and symposiums, I contribute to international cultural, artistic development and dialog as well. At these events, I have the opportunity to communicate with other artists, share different ideas and perspectives, and learn new things. When those of us attending these events all return home, the new experiences we saw, felt, and learned naturally affect not only our own artwork, but that of our artistic colleagues.

To learn more, visit www.sunbinlim.weebly.com.


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