2018 Emerging Artist: Emre Can

Emre Can, Eskisehir, Turkey

The editors were drawn to Emre Can’s perspective on altering three-dimensionally printed forms to create something that is still clearly produced by a machine, but shows the presence of the hand and passage of time in both building and then deconstructing the form. The altered, architectonic forms have a dual focus, on both an internal structure (including internal voids) as well as the external shell. Can is interested in breaking through the outer shell to reveal the complex inner workings of an object—the support structure and organizational system within it. He is careful to leave enough of the overall form intact that it remains readable. His use of color, both selective and overall, creates a smart contrast between the clay and the voids within.

Can’s work is both an expression of his interest in new technologies and a reflection of his concerns about events taking place in the Middle East that are destroying lives as well as buildings and cultural artifacts.

Instagram: @emrecanceramics

1 Blue Dreams in the Middle East Series, 25½ in. (65 cm) in length, 3D-printed porcelain, shattered and hand carved, fired to 2246°F (1230°C), 2017.

2 Blue Dreams in the Middle East Series, 6¾ in. (17 cm) in diameter, 3D-printed colored porcelain, shattered and hand carved, cobalt oxide, fired to 2246°F (1230°C), 2017.


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