2018 Emerging Artist: Autumn Higgins

Autumn Higgins, Minneapolis, Minnesota

Autumn Higgins uses her wheel-thrown and handbuilt porcelain vessels as a canvas to draw portraits of daily life. Her illustrations are directly inspired from observations of her local environment. By placing her narratives on functional, three-dimensional objects, users are able to engage with the drawn scenery from different perspectives as they pick up, use, and interact with the vessels. One thing that makes the work so successful is the way she is able to capture an often overlooked scene by drawing it using sharp, clean lines to capture the most important elements and details. Her style of sketching and using watercolor painting techniques with ceramic materials brings the drawings to life and creates additional depth on the surface.

Although many of Higgins’ drawings feature urban buildings and places that are found in Minneapolis, they are done so in a way that they are broad enough to remind viewers of a scene or building that could be located almost anywhere, which allows a wider range of users and viewers to relate to the work.

Instagram: @autumn_higgins_art
Facebook: autumn.higgins.7

1 Sunshine Inn Cooking Set, 13 in. (33 cm) in length, wheel-thrown, altered, and slab-built porcelain, fired to cone 10 in reduction, 2017.

2 Commuter Ewer Set, 10 in. (25 cm) in length, wheel-thrown and altered porcelain, fired to cone 10 in reduction, 2017.


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