2018 Emerging Artist: Andrew B. McIntyre

Andrew B. McIntyre, Oxford, Mississippi

Andrew McIntyre’s pottery is designed not only for the home and everyday use, but also to enhance the user’s experience of consumption and celebratory events. Although his forms are simple, his glazing and choice of firing—in an atmosphere where soda is introduced and flashing and variation occurs—in addition to his mixture of porcelain and stoneware clay bodies within his sets create a complexity that is hard to achieve while still maintaining strictly functional work. Although the work is tightly controlled when the vessels are made, McIntyre relinquishes some of the control through soda firing, which creates glaze runs, drips, and carbon trapping that all enhance the patterns of glazed and unglazed areas or raised textures on the surfaces of his work. This holds the users’ curiosity and adds to their experience as they eat or drink from the work.

McIntyre’s craftsmanship is complemented by his design sense. Users can easily grab one his cups halfway down the form, where a slight change in the cup’s direction creates the perfect spot for the cup to rest in the hand. The lip of his bowls has just enough movement on the inside rim to guide food onto a spoon during its use.

Instagram: @andrewmcintyreceramics
Facebook: andrewmcintyreceramics

1 Twin four-sided chevron bowls, 7 in. (18 cm) in diameter, wheel-thrown porcelain, soda fired to cone 11, 2017.

2 Whiskey flight and stand, 15 in. (38 cm) in length, wheel-thrown porcelain cups, soda fired to cone 11, wheel-thrown stoneware stand, wood fired to cone 10, wood insert, 2018.


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