2018 Emerging Artist: Adam Knoche

Adam Knoche, Richardson, Texas

Adam Knoche’s work is the definition of eye candy. His use of bright colors, asymmetrical compositions, and tactile textures seduce and draw viewers in for a closer look. After looking at the work long enough, one can’t help but wonder how the sculptures were made. Knoche has a strong grasp of ceramic materials and processes and has developed a technique of firing dry powdered ceramic materials in molds to their peak temperature to create his sculptures.

In Knoche’s artist statement, he calls attention to the fact that “our landscape is being transformed by human interactions rather than geological time.” The same is true about his own work; Knoche interacts with ceramic materials that are mined from the earth, and through his decisions to select and combine specific materials, pack them into a mold, and fire them in a kiln, he is imposing upon them, a sped up geological process that transforms the raw earth into a fired landscape, one that will outlast us all.

Instagram: @knocheclay

1 Glacial Milk, 15 in. (38 cm) in height, handbuilt, vulcanized stoneware, oxide, glaze, slip, rubber, fired to cone 6 in oxidation, 2017.

2 Bergschrund Ablation, 22 in. (56 cm) in height, handbuilt raw pulverized porcelain, glaze, oxides, slip, fired to cone 6 in oxidation in silica/plaster molds, 2018.


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