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Exposure: February 2021


at Good Earth Pottery ( in Bellingham, Washington, February 1–28.

1 Asta Bubliene’s ornamental butter dish, 5¾ in. (15 cm) in diameter, wheel-thrown porcelain, underglaze inlay, underglazes, glazes, fired to cone 6 in oxidation, 2020.

2 Kristin Gruenberger’s Curly Cue Butter Dish, 7½ in. (19 cm) in length, clay, stain, glaze, fired to cone 6, 2020.

3 Rebecca Lowery’s Yellow Prink Butter Dish, 7½ in. (19 cm) in length, white stoneware, fired in oxidation to cone 6, 2020.

Ken Eastman: Border Country

at Lucy Lacoste Gallery ( in Concord, Massachusetts, through February 6.

1 Ken Eastman’s Rootie Tootie, 11 in. (28 cm) in height.


online at LaiSun Keane ( in Boston, Massachusetts, through February 13.

1 Vince Palacios’ Yellow and Purple No 1015, 16 in. (41 cm) in width, clay, slip, glaze, various fluxes, 2020.

Where is the Bike Shop?

at Jane Hartsook Gallery at Greenwich House Pottery ( in New York, New York, February 19–March 19.

1 Taili Wu’s Bike Shop–China Transporter, 9½ in. (24 cm) in height, #55 white stoneware, underglaze, clear glaze, 2019.

By fire, the color: Contemporary ceramics

at Musée des Beaux-Arts de Lyon ( in Lyon, France, through May 2.

1 Daphné Corregan’s Dipped in whiteness.

2 Jean-François Fouilhoux’s Crêtes.

3 Ursula Morley-Price’s Brown curly heart form and Cream curly heart form. 1–3 Copyright Lyon MBA. Photos: Martial Couderette.

4 Setsuko Nagasawa’s sculpture, 2008. Photo: Copyright Jeremie Logeay.

Julia Kunin: Rainbow Dream Machine

at McClain Gallery ( in Houston, Texas, through February 13.

1 Julia Kunin’s Double Portrait, 5 ft. 4 in. (1.6 m) in height, ceramic, 2018.

Gifts from the Julianne and David Armstrong Collection

at the American Museum of Ceramic Art ( in Pomona, California, through July 25.

1 Goro Suzuki’s Oribe Chair, 18 in. (46 cm) in height, ceramic, 2001.

2 Robert Turner’s untitled vessel, 12½ in. (32 cm) in height, ceramic. 1, 2 Promised gifts of Julianne and David Armstrong. Photos: AMOCA.

Chrysanthemums, Dragons, and Samurai

at Ariana Museum ( in Geneva, Switzerland, through September 5.

1 Goraku Ceramics Manufactory’s Woman with a screen, painted decoration by Yokohama Eishin, 11 in. (28 cm) in height, ca. 1870–1890.

2 Chin Hōtoku’s incense burner (kōro), 27½ in. (70 cm) in height, Naeshirogawa kiln (Kagoshima prefecture), 1880–1900.

3 Hichôzan Shinpo’s vase, 28¾ in. (73 cm) in height, Arita porcelain, polychrome enamels, gold, 1840–1860.

4 Plate, 9½ in. (24 cm) in diameter, Arita molded porcelain, blue underglaze, polychrome enamels, gold, 1670–1730. 1–4 Photos: Mauro Magliani and Barbara Piovan. Copyright Ariana Museum, City of Geneva.

Uwe Wittwer, Aiko Watanabe, Jürg Halter: The Imaginary House

at Ariana Museum ( in Geneva, Switzerland, through April 4.

1 Aiko Watanabe’s Helmets, stoneware, 2020. Photo: Yasuhiro Ookawa.

Complexities: From Surface to Form

at Carbondale Clay Center ( in Carbondale, Colorado, February 5–March 26.

1 Ashley Bevington’s Green Flower Eye Vase, 12 in. (30 cm) in height, slip-cast and altered stoneware, glaze, fired to cone 6 in oxidation, 2020.

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