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Satin Seafoam

Firing temperature : Cone 6 | Surface texture : matte | Color : seafoam | Atmosphere: Oxidation/Neutral

Published in "Mid-Range Glazes" by Forrest Sincoff Gard, in theĀ April 2017 issue of Ceramics Monthly.

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  • I’m not good at figuring out colors. I have been searching for a long time for a slightly olive green translucent glaze with blue and gold type specks. Yes it’s mine, result of a recycled glaze. A lady bought a bowl of mine that was carved and glazed with this. I worked out of another potters studio then and she thought we would have enough of this glaze. Order was for approx.. 28 large dinnerware pieces, each hand carved with a 5 hour band. I’m on my own now and as I thought, because of dipping, I don’t have anywhere near enough glaze. Does anyone have a suggestion as what colorants to put into my clear glaze or a recipe that would work? The seafoam glaze here is a bit too blue. It needs to be a cone 6 recipe but I could get by with just the colorants. Thanks
    Karen E.
    If you’re willing to help I can send a pic of this glaze. Thank you for your patience… Karon

  • Hi Karon,
    Have you checked any of our Reference articles yet? You might find the Ceramic Colorants article helpful: https://ceramicrecipes.org/reference/ceramic-colorants

    Your glaze and clay chemistry will make a significant difference in which colors are produced as well as the atmosphere and temperature of your firing. Perhaps, try starting by creating a couple different line blends and try testing chromium, copper, nickel, iron, and even cobalt.

    You may want to also read the Chrome Oxide article and the Understanding Glazes Using Line Blends article, which are both in our Reference section of the website.

  • I just signed up and I would like to see other samples of people using this glaze and I will upload pictures of my glaze results….is this an option on this web service?

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