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Matte Glaze

Matte Glaze

Firing temperature : Cone 6 | Surface texture : matte | Color : cream | Atmosphere: Oxidation

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This glaze is a cream color. While not responsive to colorants, it makes for good neutrals. It creates great bleeding edges at intersections with gloss glazes underneath. A thick application yields the best feel and appearance.

For a fluid, dark green with iron spots, dip to apply a thin layer of Matte Glaze to the pot inside and out. Allow to dry overnight. Next, dip to apply a thin layer of the Gloss Black/Dark Green glaze. Quick dips yield a thin application, which prevents excessive running. Wax high on the foot to accommodate running. Fire slowly to cone 6. This glaze combination can produce a slight crackle.

This recipe was shared by Dane Hodges in the May/June 2020 issue of Pottery Making Illustrated.

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