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Hannah’s Fake Ash

Hannah’s Fake Ash

Firing temperature : Cone 6 | Surface texture : glossy | Color : blue | Atmosphere: Oxidation/Neutral

The piece in the image shown here was glazed with Ashleigh's Rivulet and Frasca Ash (green), and Hannah  Fake Ash over V.C. Matte glaze.

Originally published in the Sept/Oct 2017 issue of Pottery Making Illustrated.

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For Blue: add 1.3% Cobalt Oxide.

Warning: Ash glazes and the glaze combinations listed and shown above can and do run during the firing. Plan accordingly to protect your kiln and kiln shelves. Ian Hall-Hough side fires all of his pieces with runny glazes on seashells and wadding, which are then placed and fired on a drip tray (a waster slab that has been bisque fired and is used during the glaze firing to catch the glaze that runs off the pots). After the firing, Ian uses a rubbing stone and/or a Dremel to clean up any sharp edges shells to remove and leftover white powder (calcium oxide) that is left after the firing.

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