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Parsons Glossy Base (with multiple color options)

Firing temperature : cone 04 | Surface texture : glossy | Color : blue | Atmosphere: Oxidation/Neutral

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Note: Vee gum (for brushability) and CMC gum (to harden the glaze surface before firing) need to be blunged in hot water before being added to the glaze. To keep measurements accurate, use a ratio of 1g CMC or Vee gum to 19g water. For every gram needed in the glaze, measure out 20g of the mixed solution. The commercial stains listed are Mason stains (MS) from Mason Color Works (www.masoncolor.com).

The following color variations can be made with this base:

For A-23 Iron Yellow, Add: 4% Red Iron Oxide, 2% MS 6450 Praseodymium Yellow Stain.

For A-22 Water Blue, Add: 2% Copper Carbonate, 2% MS 6450 Praseodymium Yellow Stain.

For PG E, Add: 4% MS 6263 Victoria Green.

For PG 1 Lavender, Add: 6% MS 6319 Lavender.

For PG B Light Blue, Add: 4% Turquoise Stain.

For PG F Dark Cobalt Blue, Add 2% Cobalt Carbonate.

For PG G Cobalt Blue, Add: 0.5% Cobalt Carbonate.

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