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Firing temperature : cone 04 | Surface texture : matte | Color : dark pink | Atmosphere: Oxidation/Neutral

Published in "Cone 04 Clay & Glaze" by Mark Pharis, in the Nov 2015 issue of Ceramics Monthly.

The image shown here includes various glazes including JGS glaze plus 0.5% Chrome Oxide over Low Temperature White Slip. For more color options that can be used with this base see the instructions below.

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I brush this over white slip. It's a good base to use with a variety of colorants. The high lithium content makes application fussy - too thick and it shivers, too thin and the glaze has no body and colors are thin.

For Greens, add: 0.5–1.6% Chrome Oxide. For Navy Blue, add: 4% Mason Stain 6356 or 6383. For Black, add: 6.5% Mason Stain 6600. For Pink, add: 6.5 % Tin Oxide.

The pink will only appear if there is chrome in the kiln to interact with the tin oxide.

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