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Lau Luster Shino

Lau Luster Shino

Firing temperature : cone 10 | Surface texture : satin matte | Color : white | Atmosphere: Reduction

From "Ed Thompson's Slip Marabling," by Richard Burkett, Jan/Feb 2003 Pottery Making Illustrated, pg. 35. Shino (American Shino, anyway) is typically applied over an iron-bearing clay and fired in reduction, with a final oxidizing period to bring the iron to the surface and flash orange or brown. This glaze certainly can be used in this manner, but in this case, it has been applied over combed colored slips, like Ed Thompson's Red Brown Trailing Slip and Trailing Blue Slip.

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After a piece has been slipped, combed, dried, and bisque fired, this glaze is applied and fired to cone 10.

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