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Ian’s Ash

Ian's Ash

Firing temperature : cone 10 | Surface texture : glossy to satin | Color : amber | Atmosphere: Oxidation

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Top: details of two pots glazed with Ian’s Ash. The vase on the left was fired in a large gas kiln and allowed to cool naturally, crystallizing the calcium in the glaze. The mug on the right was crash cooled, preventing crystallization and preserving the glassy character of the melt. Bottom: detail of a teabowl glazed with Ian’s Ash and crash cooled. It is greener because the piece was fired in heavier reduction, the glaze batch used an iron-bearing ash, and the glaze was applied thicker.

This is a fickle glaze. Cooled slowly, it is a textured matte, and greenish oatmeal in color. Crash cooled, it ranges from subtle celadon color to a gorgeous dark green, depending on thickness, reduction, clay body, and the type of ash used. It is completely stable with no running. The crystallizing oxide is calcium, sourced from wood ash and whiting.

This recipe was shared by Ian Hall-Hough in the May 2020 issue of Ceramics Monthly.


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