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Bruce Dehnert’s Celadon

Bruce Dehnert's Celadon

Firing temperature : cone 9-11 | Surface texture : glossy | Color : blue celadon | Atmosphere: Reduction

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This place works great in both the wood and wood-salt chambers of a noborigama. it really likes heat, cone 11-12, or soak at cone 10. It has a great range of color through varying the atmosphere, thickness of glaze, and temperature.

Glazing Over Terra Sigillatas

After bisque firing, the sigillata surface is less absorbent than the clay. When dipping and pouring glazes I adjust the glaze for the correct thickness on the bisque clay and then brush a light coating of additional glaze over the areas with the sigillatas. This includes when I am using the sigillata as an underglaze and where a glaze and sigillata overlap. Additionally, where there is an overlap, a light burning terra sigillata (Base, Off White, or Warm Earth Tone) will disappear and be absorbed into the glaze, with very little noticeable effect, while the oxide-rich sigillatas can be used as underglazes.

This recipe was shared by Alan Willoughby in the April 2019 issue of Ceramics Monthly.

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