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Avery Shino

Avery Shino

Firing temperature : cone 9-13 | Surface texture : satin to glossy | Color : medium brown | Atmosphere: Reduction Salt Soda Wood

Nice, fat, rich colors, ranging from salmon and red to chocolate brown. I like it best on dark clay bodies in the wood kiln, but it looks nice when fired in reduction as well.

Published in the April 2018 issue of Ceramics Monthly.

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The following recipe can be used to make an Avery Slip substitute: 45% Grolleg Kaolin, 39% Calcined EPK, 16% Newman Red Clay.

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  • Kit R.

    Nice if you happen to have some newman red or avery slip or kona f4 stashed away. None of these ingredients are available anymore. Adjusting recipes for a substitute not necessarily simple but add a substitute made with a substitute and the complexity is increased to a much higher level. CM why publish a glaze recipe in 2018 if the ingredients have not available for at least 8 years?

    • I make this glaze regularly with all the substitutes. I now use minspar instead of Kona F4 and Laguna’s Newman’s red substitute in the avery sub and the glaze continues to look incredible each time…actually better than the original.
      Don’t knock it till you tried it.

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