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Modified Rhodes Engobes for Inlay

Modified Rhodes Engobes for Inlay

Firing temperature : cone 9 | Color : black | Atmosphere: Oxidation/Neutral Reduction

Published in "Terra Sig and Engobes" by Sharon Alpren in the November 2016 issue of Ceramics Monthly.

This is a Daniel Rhodes engobe recipe, modified to fit the commercial clay bodies I use (Feeneys Dark Stoneware for the Bedrock range, and Keanes Raku T for the range with the white inlay)

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For White, add 10% Zirconium Silicate

For Black, add 2% Cobalt Oxide, 1% Manganese Dioxide, 2% Nickel Oxide, and 2% Red Iron Oxide

*Ferro Frit 4124 is a high-calcium boron frit available on the Australian market. It is similar to Ferro Frit 3124 in the US but the two have different amounts of alumina. Check with your local supplier for possible substitutions available in your area.

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