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Bill Kremer’s Notre Dame Class Mix

Bill Kremer's Notre Dame Class Mix

Firing temperature : cone 10 | Surface texture : satin | Color : brown | Atmosphere: Oxidation Reduction

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This is a dependable, low-maintenance clay body that’s perfect for the classroom. It is especially good for stilts because its refractory character holds up in cone-14 wood firings with minimal structural issues. Roll coils at leather hard and stick the pins in before drying for 24 hours. Fire the stilts to cone 10 and you are good to go. Note: For other uses, substitute Hawthorne with EPK kaolin and you get a flashing porcelain. Substitute ball clay with Cedar Heights Redart and you get terra cotta.

This recipe was shared by Allen Chen in the March 2021 issue of Ceramics Monthly. 

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