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Sinter Engobe SE 20

Sinter Engobe SE 20

Firing temperature : cone 1-7 | Surface texture : matte | Color : various | Atmosphere: Oxidation/Neutral Reduction

This recipe originally comes from The Ceramic Process, European Ceramic Work Center by Anton Reijnders. I altered this recipe for my needs, and I add coloring oxides and stains by eye to get different colors.

This recipe was originally published in the January 2018 issue of Ceramics Monthly.



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Mix the recipe to a thick but creamy consistency and apply on wet clay.

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  • Christina M.

    Recipe misprint? Dec 1 , 2017 stated Molochite, not Malachite as shown here. (15% is alot of copper, certainly not a white engobe)

    • Array .

      Hi Christina! Yes, thank you for pointing that out. We have made this correction in the recipe. When possible, we include a link to the original source of each recipe, so you can generally confirm that the ingredients are listed as they should be and even read more from the artist sharing. —CAN Staff

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