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Pete Pinnell’s Real Authentic Lip Smackin’ Smooth Easy Terra Sigillata

Pete Pinnell's Real Authentic Lip Smackin' Smooth Easy Terra Sigillata

Firing temperature : cone 04-10 | Surface texture : satin | Color : white | Atmosphere: Oxidation Reduction

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Add 2 tablespoons sodium silicate to water first, then add clay and mix. Let mixture settle for 24 hours. The large particles settle to the bottom, a thin layer of water will be on top, the sigillata is the middle layer. Siphon out middle layer. It should have a thin, milk-like consistency and feel silky to the touch. If it is too thick, add another tablespoon of sodium silicate, mix, and let settle again. Note: The amount of sodium silicate depends on its age. If it’s older than 6 months, you may need more than 2 tablespoons. Start with 2 and add more if you need it. Apply the terra sigillata by brushing 1–2 coats over bone-dry clay and burnish with a soft cloth. Applying more than 3 coats could result in flaking.

This recipe was shared by Julie Crosby in the June/July/August 2020 issue of Ceramics Monthly.

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