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Adrian Arleo’s Sand Dry Stains

Adrian Arleo's Sand Dry Stains

Firing temperature : cone 06–10 | Surface texture : matte | Color : dark blue | Atmosphere: Oxidation

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To achieve a textured green gray like the surface on the rhino, I use a combination of this stain recipe and commercial underglazes and glazes. To create this surface, apply these layers in order: Dark Gray Amaco underglaze, Adrian Arleo's Dark Blue Sand Dry Stain wash, Laguna MS-35 Sage glaze, Laguna MS-46 Agate glaze.

The 5-segment slow-cooling firing schedule I use for my glazes is as follows: Segment 1: 150°F per hour up to 1200°F. Segment 2: 200°F per hour up to 2000°F. Segment 3: 150°F per hour up to 2150°F, with a 15 minute hold at top temperature. Segment 4: cooling 500°F per hour down to 2000°F, with a 15 minute hold. Segment 5: Cooling 125°F per hour down to 1400°F. Then the kiln is allowed to cool on its own to ambient temperature.

This recipe was shared by Ariel Bowman in the May 2019 issue of Ceramics Monthly.

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