Ceramic Glazing Techniques

Glazing ceramics can be one of the most challenging and frustrating parts of the ceramic process. Clay glazes are not like paints and can look very different from the fired results. But like most things that are worth doing, it just takes practice and guidance from others to get a handle on ceramic glazing. If you’re looking for information that can help you develop a better understanding of ceramic glazing techniques, you’ve found it.

Here you’ll find the details on a wide variety of ceramic glazing techniques, from dipping pots in glaze you mixed up to using brush-on glazes for ceramics that are available at your pottery supply. Experts share their glazing techniques and tips, as well as favorite ceramic glaze recipes, from low-fire to high-fire and everything in between.

And don’t forget to download your free copy of Five Great Ceramic Glazing Techniques: From Crystals to Majolica (Maiolica), a Guide to Beautiful Glaze Surfaces, a perfect resource for potters and ceramic artists who are ready to experiment with custom glazes, or for those who have grown tired of their own tried and true glazes.

Ceramic glaze chemistry is a very complex subject—so complex, it has its own section on Ceramic Arts Daily (see Glaze Chemistry)! Here we talk about ceramic glazing techniques as opposed to in-depth discussion on glaze chemistry. If you’re interested in spraying glaze on pottery, we have you covered. If you’d like to learn all about majolica pottery or you’d like to try glaze trailing, you’re in the right place. And with new posts being added all the time, this is truly a one-stop shop for ceramic glazing information!

So dive in and get set for a jump start in your creative repertoire!

Five Great Ceramic Glazing Techniques

Pick up new glazing techniques when you download this freebieFive Great Ceramic Glazing Techniques.

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