Clay Tools and Equipment

If you are new to ceramics and need to learn how to use clay tools, or if you’ve been making pots for a long time and like to see how other artists make their own clay tools, you’re in the right place. In this section of Ceramic Arts Network, you will learn all about ceramic decorating tools, wheel throwing tools, ceramic kilns and even how to make your own custom tools.

We have articles and information on the tools used for decorating ceramic work from ceramic artists of all level of experience. You’ll find out how they use store-bought, found or even handmade ceramic decorating tools to make their work their own. From traditional stamps to ceramic texture rollers, and brushes to screen printing to slip trailing, you’ll see that there is much more to decorating ceramics than dipping a pot into a bucket of glaze.

If you’re throwing pottery on the wheel, it is important to have the right tools at the right time. Most potters start out with the basic pottery tool kit that looks something like this: a sponge, a couple of wooden ribs, a metal rib, and a needle tool. But as you advance you discover myriad clay tools that can make your job easier or just be perfect for one very particular task. One of the best ways to discover these clay tools is to have a look through Ceramic Arts Network.

Not surprisingly, ceramic artists are very creative people when it comes to the tools they use to get the job done. Nothing is off limits as a potential clay tool and no clay tool has just one use. As evidence in these pages, you’ll see examples of clever homemade tools and techniques that you might never have thought of. From making your own custom throwing ribs,, all the way to building a homemade extruder, you’ll be amazed and inspired by what you find here.

And what about the most important tool of all; the thing that changes your work from clay to ceramic: the kiln. From gas kilns to wood-fired kilns, there are a lot of options for firing your work and here you’ll find information on how to get the most out of your ceramic kiln no matter what option you choose.

A Guide to Ceramic Kilns

Find helpful tips for choosing the right kiln firing method when you download this freebieA Guide to Ceramic Kilns.

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