Ceramic Supplies

Looking to learn all about the ceramic supplies you need in your studio? You’ve come to the right place. From ceramic colorants to ceramic glazes and underglazes, and raw materials to clay bodies, you’ll find information on all the essential ceramic supplies!

If you’ve delved into it at all, you know that creating ceramic color can be pretty confusing. Ceramic Colorants often look very different in their raw unfired state than they do when fired. We help you decipher all the ceramic colorant options available. Learning how to use ceramic colorants in glazes, slips, and clay will really help you to make your own mark on your work.

Commercial ceramic glazes and underglazes are probably the most popular ceramic supplies and there are so many options out there. The posts and videos in the Ceramic Glazes and Underglazes archives can help you discover which glazes and underglazes are right for you and all the exciting things you can do with them!

Today, potters and ceramic artists are fortunate because of their relatively easy access to ceramic raw materials. But understanding those raw materials and what they do at various firing temperatures is another thing. We have a plethora of information from experts on Ceramic Arts Network, which will help you to unravel the mysteries of ceramic raw materials.

Of course, your clay body is the most important of the many ceramic supplies needed for pottery. Clay bodies are a mixture of clays and other ceramic raw materials formulated to give desired working characteristics. Our Pottery Clay topic area is designed to help you learn all the different types of pottery clay out there and figure out which one has the characteristics you are looking for. We also have instructions if you are planning to mix it yourself, and tips if you would like to go with a clay body from a supplier.

Ceramic Raw Materials

Learn the fundamentals of clay and glaze materials when you download this freebieCeramic Raw Materials.

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