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John Britt

John Britt

John Britt has been a potter and educator for more than 26 years. He has worked and taught at universities, colleges, and craft centers across the United States. John is the author of the The Complete Guide to High-Fire Glaze; Glazing & Firing at Cone 10, which was published by Lark Books in 2004. He has written numerous articles for ceramics publications including Ceramics Monthly, Ceramic Review, Studio Potter, and more. Currently, John teaches glaze chemistry, throwing, glazing, and firing workshops at his Bakersville, North Carolina, studio. To learn more about John, please visit his website: www.johnbrittpottery.com.

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Britt Glaze Recipes

Triaxial Blend Diagram

Triaxial Blend with Stains

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Britt Glaze Recipes
Triaxial Diagram
Triaxial with Stains
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