Potters Council 2014 Exhibition Winners

The name of the show is "Transcending Material."

We are pleased to announce the winners for our fourth annual members juried competition. The exhibition will be concurrently shown during National Council on Education for the Ceramic Arts (NCECA) Conference in Milwaukee, WI, and will showcase the quality work made by the members of the Potters Council, an international organization with members all over the world.




Susan_Calafrancesco Renee_Weiss_Chase Lisa_Hueil_Conner Kay_Franz
Susan Calafrancesco|Renee Weiss Chase|Lisa Hueil Conner|Kay Franz
Matthew_Groves Alisa_Holen Jan_Karon Kusmik_Lily
Matthew Groves|Alisa Holen|Jan Karon|Lily Kusmik
Kate_Maury Marilyn_McCauley Heidi_McKenzie John_Albert_Murphy
Kate Maury|Marilyn McCauley|Heidi McKenzie|John Albert Murphy
David_Roon Evelyne_Schoenmann Marcia_Selsor Eric_Serritella
David Roon|Evelyne Schoenmann|Marcia Selsor|Eric Serritella
Rosa-Serrano Suzanne-Sharpe-Sidebottom KwokPong-BobbyTso Anne-Gorden-Vega
Rosa Serrano|Suzanne Sharpe Sidebottom|Kwok-Pong (Bobby) Tso|Anne Gorden-Vega





We are pleased to announce that we have invited a Past-President of the Potters Council Advisory Board and Charter Member to juror our fifth annual show –Chris Campbell. Besides being a Past-President of Potters Council, Chris was also instrumental in the development of the first Potters Council Juried Show held in Philadelphia.


Chris Campbell | Raleigh, North Carolina
Chris Campbell is a full time Studio Potter in Raleigh, NC. Born in Canada, she studied Business Administration at Ryerson University. She began her clay education soon after moving to Atlanta, GA. Her life’s work with colored porcelain began in 1991 after attending a workshop presented by Jane Peiser. She is currently adapting and pioneering the use of ‘Skinner Blends,' a polymer clay technique, in her fine porcelain artwork.


Juror's Statement

“Our material world is filled with texture and tactile experience. As artists we are often drawn to an object because of our desire to experience the way the surface feels. Oil paint on canvas, lace on a coffee table, heavy draped upholstery, honeycomb, sunflowers. How can clay allow for this same sensory experience? Call upon old, new, and innovative ways to manipulate clay in our ever-changing world."


In judging the artwork submitted for this show, I kept a strong focus on finding artwork that I wanted to touch; surfaces that challenged and intrigued me; pieces that amazed me with their unique perspective. I wanted artists whose process demanded they be brave enough to glide along the edge of failure if they wanted to succeed with their ideas.


I also required the pieces to engage my mind; to ask more questions than they answered. I did not want nicely wrapped packages with no loose ends. The personality of the artist had to shine through the piece itself.


Fortunately the membership of the Potters Council is extremely talented and I had a wealth of artwork to choose from. The toughest choices being which pieces had to be excluded when so many were deserving of a pedestal. Thank you all so much for trusting me with your artwork and letting me share in your vision.





Potters Council Juried Show Exhibition
Resource Hall
Wisconsin Center
400 W. Wisconsin Ave.
Milwaukee, WI 53203



Details of Winning Entries


Susan Calafrancesco's The Scary Ride, earthenware, underglazes, glazes, metal, 2013.


Renee Weiss Chase's Protected, handbuilt stoneware, underglaze, low fired in an electric kiln, 2013.


Lisa Hueil Conner's Peace at Last, stoneware, oxidation fired to cone 6, 2012.


Kay Franz' Stuck on You, ceramic and mixed media.


Matthew Groves' Pensive Skeleton, hand-built and press mold, white earthenware, majolica, glaze, oxidation fired to cone 04.


Alisa Holen's Chopstix Bowls, doubled-walled chocolate porcelain, light reduction fired to cone 10, 2013.


Jan Karon's Untitled, stoneware, slips, and stains, 2012.


Lily Kusmik's Birth of Venus, handbuilt porcelain, 2013.


Kate Maury's Stacked Candle Holder, 15 inches (38.1 cm) in height, oxidation fired to cone 6, 2013.


Marilyn McCauley's Clady I, stoneware, glaze, watercolor, polyurethane, 2013.


Heidi McKenzie's, Churning, raku-fired, 2012.


John Albert Murphy's Resurrection Light, slip-cast porcelain, colored glazes, gold luster, oxidation fired to cone 6.


David Roon's Ceratotherium Drum, raku fired, 2012.


Evelyne Schoenmann's Beyond the Edge, ceramics and screws, 2012.


Marcia Selsor's Stretched Skin, porcelain, obvara fired, 2013.


Eric Serritella's Birch Stump Teapot, stoneware, 2013.


Rosa Serrano's Bird Charmer, ceramic, 2011.


Suzanne Sharpe Sidebottom's It is but It Isn't, porcelain and stoneware, 2013.


Kwok-Pong (Bobby) Tso's Knowing the Unknown: Brighter Disconnection, white earthenware, plastic, metal, wood, oxidation fired to cone 04, 2013.


Anne Gorden-Vega's Coral Trio, raku-fired stoneware, 2013.



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